3" X 12" Pro Series Multi-Stage Sludge & Sediment Sampler, 3/4" Thread

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This sampler uses a disposable plastic core catcher and a rubber check flap on a special top cap to improve recovery of saturated materials.

During deployment of the sampler, the check flap on the top cap opens to allow excess air and water to escape through the four holes that are machined through the top cap. Air and water are able to easily pass through the sampler. When the sampler reaches the sediment, the saturated materials are able to push through the core catcher and into the liner inside of the sampler body as the sampler is driven downward. The venting action of the check flap and cap prevents pressure buildup and allows the sample to enter the liner.

During retrieval of the filled sampler, the core catcher will be pressed closed by the weight of the sediment. This helps prevent the material from escaping through the bottom of the sampler. At the same time, the check flap will cover the holes through the top cap – which creates suction inside the sampler. This suction also helps to retain the collected sample in the sampler body.

Optional extension sections may be added onto the base section. Additional liners or longer liners may be used in the extended sampler. There are also valved core and auger tips available to help improve the quality of samples collected in very non-cohesive, saturated materials.


Included Parts:

  • #61870 - (1) 3" Stainless Steel Multi-Stage Flap Valve Cap, 3/4" Thread
  • #61869 - (1) 3" X 12" Multi-Stage Soil Core Sampler Base
  • #61868 - (1) 3" Multi-Stage Sludge Core Tip
  • #422.02 - (1) 3" X 12" Plastic Liner
  • #418.09 - (2) 3" Plastic End Cap
  • #61885 - (1) 3" Plastic Core Catcher
  • #421.29 - (1) Universal Slip Wrench


  • #61991 - (1) 3" X 12" Multi-Stage Soil Core Sampler Extension Section
  • #61872 - (1) 3" Multi-Stage Valved Soil Core Sampler Tip
  • #61881 - (1) 3" Serrated Multi-Stage Soil Core Catcher Tip
  • #422.10 - (1) 3" X 24" Plastic Liner
  • #402.31 - (1) 18" Pro Series Rubber-Coated Cross Handle, 3/4" Thread
  • #57780 - (1) Pro Series Slide Hammer, 3/4" Thread
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Connection Type:
3/4" Thread
Stainless Steel
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