Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kit w/ Compact Slide Hammer, Hex Quick Pin

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This exclusive sampling kit equips you with the essential tools for accurately collecting interval-specific core samples up to a depth of 3 ft. It is perfectly suited for sampling the soil surface, auger holes, or profile pits. The stainless steel liners, crafted from .062w stainless steel tubing, are specifically designed for laboratory studies and undisturbed core samples. Measuring 2" X 2" with a volume of 90.59 cubic centimeters, each liner allows for easy calculation of the bulk density for every sample by considering its volume and weight.

Note: Accurately determining bulk density begins with employing the correct sampling technique to ensure that the collected sample truly reflects the natural condition of the soil. 

Exclusive Bulk Density Soil Core Sampler Features:

  • Unlike our standard core samplers, our bulk density core samplers have a significantly smaller 5/16 in. gap between the tip of the core sampler and sample liner. This design allows for a more accurate representation of the core and reduces soil compaction as soil enters the sampler.
  • Our core sampler cap is equipped with a built-in waste barrel, providing a generous 2 inches of relief. This innovative feature eliminates compaction caused by overdriving the sampler, ensuring reliable results. Additionally, there is no need to load multiple liners inside the sampler, which can lead to sample blow by and skew sample calculations.
  • Both the liners and core sampler are manufactured to meet strict tolerances, ensuring precise and consistent performance.

Achievable depth is dependent on soil conditions.


Kit weighs 60lbs!


Kit Includes: 

  • #64440  - (1) Compact Slide Hammer, Hex Quick Pin
  • #58519 - (1) 2-3/4" Regular Auger, Hex Quick Pin
  • #58615 - (1) 2-3/4" Planer Auger, Hex Quick Pin
  • #404.281 - (25) 2" X 2" Bulk Density Stainless Steel Liner
  • #58504 - (1) 18" Rubber-Coated Cross Handle, Hex Quick Pin
  • #418.10 - (50) 2" Plastic End Cap
  • #421.29 - (1) Universal Slip Wrench
  • #430.07 - (1) 2" X 12" Nylon Brush
  • #58513 - (1) 2' Extension, Hex Quick Pin
  • #58540 - (1) 2-1/2" Open-Face Auger, Hex Quick Pin
  • #55647 - (1) Idaho Spoon
  • #400.81 - (1) 2" X 2" Bulk Density Cup
  • #61710 - (1) 2" Bulk Density Cap, Hex Quick Pin
  • #430.25 - (1) 3' Deluxe Equipment Case
  • #430.26 - (1) Small Deluxe Equipment Case
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